Urban Gallery participates for the second consecutive year as a jury member of the international call of Apexart NYC,  where more than 400 proposals from around the world are presented.


Artistic freedom, multidisciplinarity and commitment to emerging art define the Stripart festival, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.
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Llum BCN transforms the streets of Poblenou into a huge, open-air experimentation laboratory using light as the creative medium and the work of artists, designers and architects from all over the world. Urban Gallery participates with the artist Pep Camps. 14th, 15th and 16th February 2020.

LOOP 2019

Contemplated Cosmos is the proposal of Urban Gallery through six artists ranging from Èric
Antonell's moving painting to the mythological reinterpretation of Rafael Triana's Atlas.
Clemente Calvo recreates sounds and light from space as well as the life of the stars.
The artist Pep Camps generates magnificent color games analogously through light.
Salvador Herrera shows an infinite number of creatures evolved from a single-celled organism.
Finally, Enric Maurí presents a videographic work that gathers the debate that has provoked the
arrival of man on the Moon.


Urban Gallery participates in the Festival Internacional de Videoarte de Camagüey (Cuba) within "La próxima resistencia" whit the artists:
Clemente Calvo, (2) (3) Guillermo Escribano, Salvador Herrera (2) (3) (4) and Inma Parra


Urban Gallery is part of the Contemporary Art Institute (IAC)


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LOOP 2018

Urban Gallery presents the work of three artists:

Èric Antonell: "Estacions i devastacions" abstract animation that illustrates the creation and evolution of planet earth until its destruction.

Asunción + Guasch. "Binomi" is a videoperformance originated from a previous work by the same artists: Vishudha (Istambul 2017), which consisted in a non verbal communication, based on colours.the video recording of the reproduction of the recording of the action (dialogue with colours). Ultimately, the real action consists in this complex video. This performance is only possible videographically, by showing the recording and reproduction devices.

Clemente Calvo. "Cuba linda" and "Broken pots", two animated films that illustrate the possibility of production at zero cost: materials such as cardboard or plastic, public domain sound patterns, found ceramic fragments...



Decomposition, the leftovers, that which has expired due to time produces disgust and repulsion in our western world. It alludes to old age, arousing fear. It is associated to the idea of deterioration and death. Nonetheless, it’s a fixation that is socially silenced.mLive makes sense with its relation to death.

It’s a work i have been developing in parallel for a year, with photography, drawings and sculptures, since there is an interest in capturing short-lived moments in constant change and transformation.

The three parts act as a whole and also as sole series. There is an initial purpose to recycle, since it all began with those abandoned vegetables in the deepest part of our fridge, although then they became the foundation of the project.




To trap to then let free.

Mutation, searching a change that fades away.

Polaroid of an instant, to then loose it.





The carnation in the air (Tillandsia aeranthos) is a species of flower that grows in the air, without being attached to the earth. The exhibit consists of photopoems that evoke a state of suspension. These images are intuitively related the remains of a Polaroid exhibit that took place in 2011, with poetic fragments associated in a sensorial manner.


Radical innocence series.

Clean traces and exhaustively sought primary colors allow us to obtain unthought-of volumes in a flat surface.


The artist created this piece parting from color and the origin of light.

A see-through base, shapes and photography configure the final result of the piece.

The sculptural piece combines art and movement by means of curves and bends that surge from a dialogue with each image.


Roser Oduber, Nuria Rossell and YUSB are the artists selected in this third edition of SI ... FUN.

Flying seeds, a fish caught in graphics and a xylophone with milk in the background, offer an exquisite interpretation of how to manipulate a siphon (soda bottle) to elevate it to a work of art.



Death is the mother of beauty.

Miguel Angel Gil visualizes the beauty of remains; pieces of impecable materialization, rich of significance: art, beauty.



YUSB wants us to consider our own existence, present and future, with black nature. Using photography as an object and matter as a photographed object.

Yusb experiments this concept using binchotan, kuro-zumi.


Stripart is a sample of artistic projects made by young creators.

From 1st to 14th july, the Civic Center Guinardó is full of artistic proposals and activities that show us the multiple art’s languages.


Vidaurre says that all objects have a soul and he plays with them as if they were words.

This time gastronomic object encounters.



Urban Gallery presents the work of six artists (Balanza, Mit Borrás, Clemente Calvo & Anabego López, Salvador Herrera, Enric Maurí and YUSB), with experiments and proposals  about sound, visual edition and repetition.

Videonotes, cinematographic, photography, music, storytelling and even paint: all a tribute to the audiovisual pioneers.