As usual, we have our appointment with the LOOP festival of video art. This time the subject is A Body’s Journal.
We want to thank the inestimable collaboration of the Fundació Marguerida de Montferrato where all the videos will be screened.
Our artists have done a great job. Congratulations!!!

With Pandemia by Albert Bayona and Parèntesis by Enric Marurí, we enter in a real but intangible world. Balanza in his work Contexto, shows that a body is the context of other bodies. Salvador Herrera in Mapa de un Organismo Sinérgico, leads us to the dissolution of a body to inhabit an environment. Clemente Calvo in Cosmic beat reveals that the cosmos beats to the rhythm of a human heart.  A + G in Nu present a meditative video that speaks of the human through emptiness and absence.