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Reference CR01 Technique Photography Size 34cm x 25cm Year 2012 Edition 2 units Status Available



From Leonardo to Goya, through Picasso, El Greco, Velázquez, Caravaggio, Bacon or Andy Warhol. All have penetrated in the deepest of human psyche thanks to portraits. The light, the details, the silence, the gestures and an elegant sense of humor narrate the most intimate and profound essence of being. And now also an object. We will give you the opportunity to see your portrait in another way, to be part of an artistic project that experiments with photographic looks, that explores the identity, that reveals the souls through a meticulous and evocative pictorial process: allow yourself a portrait. All you need to do is confess the goal that defines you, accompanies you, that evokes you, the one you love or with whom you have a personal or professional bond. We will rethink your position to discover other meanings and create your portrait, your other self.

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